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Probably erroneous hits in dnsbl.justspam.org[bl] - Month 2012-02

Results: 7
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DNS zoneCurrent stateTimestampIP addressPTRTypeinps.de-DNSBL
dnsbl.justspam.orglisted2012-02-14 04:14:02 UTC listed
dnsbl.justspam.orglisted2012-02-19 15:55:05 UTC listed
dnsbl.justspam.orglisted2012-02-20 02:17:24 UTC listed
dnsbl.justspam.orgnot listed2012-02-21 06:52:29 UTC listed
dnsbl.justspam.orglisted2012-02-22 06:01:44 UTC listed
dnsbl.justspam.orglisted2012-02-23 16:58:02 UTC listed
dnsbl.justspam.orgnot listed2012-02-29 18:12:55 UTC listed